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What is Intrigued?

Intrigued is a movement to release judgment and shame from exploration in the adult world. We create merit style badges for sexuality, kink, gender, orientation, identity, and fetishes. It is a unique and fun way to express, display, and begin talking about these interests that are typically considered taboo.

Arousing curiosity in the world of adult playgrounds

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Each badge is a badge of honor, a token of the journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Celebrate your uniqueness and the stories that define you.
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Intrigued badges allow you to wear and reveal a side of yourself unseen in your day to day life. They give you the freedom to exhibit who you are, who you want to be, what you have experienced, what you want to experience, all in the world of kink, sexuality, identity, fetishes, and more. Allow yourself to explore and escape into a whole world of extraordinary pleasure, excitement, fun, new experiences, and let your freak flag fly! Have the courage and pride to show who you are on a level most people don’t get an opportunity to even discuss or explore. We want to arouse the curiosity by minimizing and dissolving negative stereotypes to help build acceptance and understanding and see how much fun there is out there. It’s time to live, not just exist. Escape the daily grind, adults like to go out and play for recess too! There is so much fun to be had out there! Connection to like minded people that have “out of the box” lifestyles and interests. Intrigued badges are a way to communicate with others at events and parties. These badges prompt a conversation starter. Show what you are about, and what you are into without having to say a word. There is a massive network of people out there looking to find others that want to explore the same things you do.

There is unfortunately a stigma on swingers, kinks, and fetishes. Intrigued is to not only arouse curiosity of those in the lifestyle but those of the vanilla world as well. I want to show people how much more to life there can be! Allowing ourselves to explore new experiences helps you focus on things you like, give you courage, and to think about other things rather than work! It can open discussions in role play and can be a powerful tool for those interested in a change of control, power, and trying something new.

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